Monday, February 21, 2011

Some Tips For the 2011 Soca Monarch Front Runners

Ever since the soca monarch cash prize went bulimic and ballooned to 2 million TT it seems like everyone wants a piece. Ghost of soca monarchs past have re-emerged and steadfast principles have left quickly like patrons after a Machel performance. The semi-finals took place last weekend and coming out of that there have been some front runners, plenty ole talk and some of the bacchanal that we trinis like to see. As a trini, I believe I have some advice for the front-runners so if you want that stadium flag money listen close.


Machel Montano - Machel you doing good but right now you too predictable. "Advantage" while a good song sounds like three other songs you had before but daz no scn, you could still take them. What we need though is a surprise, something like the rocket man in the first Alternative Concept or Wyclef roaring on the stage via a motorcycle for AC 5. Also play on the word "advantage"...some how.

Fay-Ann - Fay-Ann, soca monarch is your crowd and you're a descendant of royal soca legacy so keep working that. You're doing everything right so far so keep pumping.

Bunji - Bunji, we know your song is about fire but we need more fire from you. You do your best work when you're angry about something like "Fete is Fete" which could have been road march btw if everyone could have afforded to play mas but daz another story. Freestyle something too, attack somebody. And go at Machel, we all want to see you attack the king.

Destra - Destra, stop going on radio stations feeling sorry for yourself. We get it, you've been robbed in the past but oh gosh, move on nah. Then again, maybe you don't have to. If you can channel you inherent bitterness and bitchiness (your words not mine) then the spectacle will at least be legendary.


Kes - Kes, groovy soca is basically yours. "Wotless" will be the song people remember when they think about 2011 and may even become your signature song after this. However, you need to step your game up dawg. Yuh cyah sing a song about wotlessness and be playing pretty boy ting on stage. Yuh ha to get dutty, remove them pretty backup dancers and get some more wotless ones. Plus is not about anyone, is about you. Remember you said it, "this year ah moving wotless". Don't just say it homie, do it.

Benjai - Benjai, you're a naturally charismatic fella, one who can perform in ah ole vest and still mash up any crowd. However dawg, yuh not going to win groovy like that but then ah not sure if you even care about winning. If you do, then any effort from you should give you the win as well, you know yuh song bess and everybody love it.

Destra - Same as before Destra. "Cool it down" is a bess song but your challenge is to try to embody the song by being the opposite of yourself...sweet. You still look good so try feminine it up and let de ppl like yuh.

Cassie - Right now mih boy, you are de dark horse in this race but trust me, you could take it. People might fight you down but your song authentic as hell and anybody who tief ah wine walking de road jouvert morning or Carnival Tuesday know bout dem "town ting". If you can sell dat authenticity properly you just might pull it from the thoroughbreds.

And iz dat. That's my advice for the Soca Monarch 2011. Much love to all the contestants and good luck to dem all. If you have any more advice, feel free to add it in the comments. Face out.


derevolushun said...

"Ghost of soca monarchs past have re-emerged and steadfast principles have left quickly like patrons after a Machel performance."

ha ha ha ha ha ha

No Iwer? No Shal? I hope Machel doesn't listen to you and we surprise ourselves by not being impressed by "time to get advantageous" vs "time to get on scandelous".


Frostblaze868 said...

Hoss, i think you need to see Destra without makeup

Underground Trini Artiste said...

@Frostblaze lol. If is dat, let me keep de fantasy yes.

Wuzdescene said...

LOL ... yuh give some good advice dey Face ...

... and steups at dem 'ghosts of soca monarchs past' ... especially de 'bitch' ... Faye-Ann go mash dem up ... well ... da'is if Machel doh advantage de scene wit ah next Rocket Man fuh real ... cuz dat shit was DA BOMB!!!

... and doh watch Benjai slight yuh know ... you eh see last year he come third ... even tho he extras like dey had wuz tuh wine tuh de side .... yeah ... de man didn't have no dotish props ... and no dancers ... nuttin ... was jus plain 'ole vest' Benjai ...

Soca Monarch 2011 go be real bachannal ... cuz on top of all de original crap dat was brewin ... it now have de Ravi B saga too!

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