Monday, February 14, 2011

The Chuck Norris Laws (Trinidad Style)

If you're familiar with the original Chuck Norris internet scene then you know that Chuck Norris is a pretty strong guy who can do amazing things. Well, on Facebook a few weeks ago a friend of mine Kendall "Icekream" Arneaud decided to explore the Chuck Norris scene within a trini context and the results are below. Big up Q D Ross, Merriq Estates, Kendall, Baidawi and yours truly for contributions. Trust me, is reallll funny stuff.

1) Chuck Norris beats his steel pan with his bare knuckles.

2) When Chuck Norris puts on a bata bullet, it becomes a bata missile.

3) Chuck Norris told Bunji to change his name from fireman to waterboy...and he did

4) Chuck Norris' version of the dollar wine goes: cent, 5 cent, 10 cent, 100!

5) Chuck Norris kicks roast corn into chilli bibbi.

6) Buhwamoder sang slap chop for chuck Norris....Chuck Norris slapped him and chopped him

7) Bmobile gives Chuck Norris' phone reception everywhere.

8) The iPhone logo on Chuck Norris' cell has a capital I.

9) Chuck Norris finds Angostura bitters sweet.

10) TTT never signed off in Chuck Norris' house.

11) Chuck Norris orders his pepper with slight doubles

12) Iwer george wrote the hand hand hand song after receiving one slap from Chuck Norris

13) The strongman toffee was made of Chuck Norris' snat

14) When Chuck Norris waving a rag in a fete, Jamaica does be on hurricane watch.

15) For Chuck Norris, a trip to tobago is a 2 hour boat ride, 5 minute plane ride or 1 minute swim.

16) Chuck Norris still smokes weed in Globe

17) CHUCK NORRIS cud PLAY MAS cause POWDER fraid him!

18) What Chuck Norris considers to be wining low is what we call limbo.

19) You could actually get chook by Chuck Norris' bbm pin.

20) When Chuck Norris bowling the wicket keeper does stand up by the boundary.

21) Chuck Norris can tell you where the man with the hammer gone

22) The active ingredient that gives diana power mints their sting is Chuck Norris sweat.

23) If yuh spill puncheon Chuck Norris will rough you up for wasting chaser.

24) Chuck Norris posts status updates on a real wall.

25) Chuck Norris tweets with real birds


the kicker said...

yuh would swear I eh read this before! hahahhaa oh gyad.... is like the first time every time! hahahhaahaa

Juma said...

Love number 2, 7 and 21. The others still bad, but those are may faves. Doh understand how the iphone one fit in tho.

Ikechi said...

lol @ TTT never signed off. real jones

Novelty Pens said...

lol! Amy time I hear Chuck Norris's name... I have to chuckle about Walker and Texas Ranger in Talladega Nights.

Anonymous said...

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Dorothy Explor'r said...

ahah. dope :)

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Subhash said...
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