Sunday, December 28, 2014

Four Reasons Why Road March is Irrelevant

road march
  1. You can't vibe to Road March tunes after Carnival - Road March tunes are designed to inspire the thousands of revellers to behave their worst in the streets. As a result they usually include a reference to some kinda truck (the bigger the better), may ask you to wield a rag of some sort (please not one that was recently used) and might even ask you to interact with a stage... hopefully by then you're really pumped up and not just 'acting'. These requests often sound strange and dissonant lying in bed or through your headphones at work. Yeah you may pull a napkin in a wedding reception but still.
  2. When last was the Road March winning tune the most popular song for the season? - Historians looking back at 2014 may conclude that "Ministry of Road" by Machel Montano was the song that had the people going that year. They couldn't be more wrong. By a pretty wide margin, the 'it' song of 2014 was "Too Real" by Kerwin Du Bois. Similarly, the top 5 songs of 2012 couldn't smell Road March with Pinocchio's nose. The winner? "Pump Yuh Flag" - a song extolling the virtues of... pumping your flag. And again in 2011, "Wotless" by Kes was the soundtrack of our collective pump for that season only to be 'Advantaged' by Machel Montano's late release. And this is just 3 out of the last 4 years of Road March. Going back further, there are songs like "It's Carnival" featuring Destra and Machel, "Bonnie & Clyde" by Destra etc that are such classics that they still get played in fetes to this day and people assume them to be Road March winners. And do people remember the real winners or are those songs even played now? What do you think?
  3. Carnival Monday and Tuesday is becoming a smaller and smaller part of Carnival - Long, long ago, in an island far far... ok I lie, in our island, road activities on a Monday and Tuesday were unequivocally the largest part of Carnival. While they are still the focal point and climax of our Carnival interaction, in recent times the clothes start coming off as early as September and even earlier. It's not uncommon now to even hear of a Band Launch quite in August. And in between, there are like ah zillion fetes that people attend and listen to music most of which are...NOT road march tunes. So tell me, what is the relevance of crowning a song as being popular for 2 days out of a 5 month period. What is the point? Just to give a man 'ah money'? Which brings me to my next point.
  4. Too much corruption and 'bobol' - Now I'm not saying Road March is totally corrupt. If so then "Wild Antz" would certainly have been a Road March winner right? But at the same time, there are years that just can't be explained. For example, how does two songs get the exact same amount of plays across the country and tie for Road March? I can't see how that could happen even if you were aiming for that specific result. When you get down to the nitty gritty and I hate to break it to you, it's really the deejays that are casting votes. You the masquerader has a very limited say in the matter. Yeah they have to cater to the crowd but they are the ones lining up the selections and pressing the detonate button. Anyway, doh study me eh, Deejays are honourable men. They can't be influenced by petty bribes and such. They don't maintain biases against particular artistes and blackball men etc. They aren't ever lazy and just play the status quo.
So that's my opinion and I'm sticking to it. If you disagree feel free to 'cuss meh' or intellectually rebut me in the comments or pon Social Media when you share it. And most importantly, download the 'We Music' (powered by Trinidad Tunes) app and enjoy over 20,000 songs of Caribbean music, past and present on your Android phone (iPhone coming soon).

Friday, October 4, 2013

Hard Local Episode 2 (Skeeto)

Big tune. "Too Young". Doh stick

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Hard Local episode 1

Yeah peeps, Da Face here.
I know I haven't posted in a long, long, way boy, real long time but I trini so I starting it back 'jus so'.
One of the things I want to do is showcase some of what I consider to be hard local tracks and I'm starting off things with this vibesy one from Flip and Fireball called "Street Life".

Listen and enjoy nuh...and share.
Look out for more frequent posts coming out as well. I'm going to be dropping some unreleased tracks to so yeah...stay tuned.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Cheese Pie and Pack Juice Lyrics

Some people have been asking for the lyrics for this song so I thought I'd make it available here. I also want to thank everyone contributing to the overwhelming positive response for putting such a trini pastime back in  focus and for not being too big to join in the fun as we had plenty fun making both the song and the video.
Face out.




Cheese pie and pack juice
Cheese pie and pack juice
Is hunger with hard times
Thank God for cheap food
Eat up your pie,
Drink up your juice,
Eat up your fish, beef, soya or aloo

Cheese pie and pack juice
Cheese pie and pack juice
Is hunger, hard times
Thank God for cheap food

Ok is pack juice with that cheese pie,
like 2 Chainz daz no lie,
Good eats and small change for breakfast
daz we style,
Pieman is where we lime,
whole team eating till de pie done,
your throat dry, my throat dry?
one juice left? Daz fight down (hah)
One ting about we if we eh eating doubles then we eating pie,
and ah got that tampico pack juice just in case your throat feeling dry,
and I'm on that isle,
Trinidad isle where de food so tasty,
cyah cook cause I late for work and I hungry so I moving hasty,
taxi stand ah by woodford square,
ah by the pieman in indepence,
small change go a long way and my pocket feeling independent,
Cheese pie with dat pack juice,
cheese pie with dat pack juice,
dis early morning my belly calling,
for cheese pie and that pack juice (Lord),
If you think I crazy I crazy but at least I full up,
on the track by the time I start I bet the hypeman screaming pull up (hah),
real talk daz real food, you full now? that real good,
think I cheap? you real rude,
You up dey, team moon


[Da Face]
Is cheese pie and dat pack juice,
and dah orchard and ah pack soup,
and dat doubles on de corner where we liming,
girls wah get out ah timing,
spend my money for me? dey cyah do dat,
ah out on de beach wit a pie and sweet heart,
kfc too high so a lee dat ,
mih belly ha gas like a driving a tida,
now ah back to de ways and de days when ah gaze ah de page of republic reader,
pie in the morning, so hot, ah feel like mih mouth enclosed on a deeya,
so ah fold up,
ah want ice in a cold cup,
pack juice must float up,
so cool is de slogan,
rock back, and ah chewing on a joe gum,
so sharp like Logan,
cause de mark buss open,
pack juice must open,
like mih accent, so sweet and ah keep it local,
cheese pie on de vocals,
ask Wanke, daiy we focus,
if yuh doh know, then yuh dotish,
and ah reaching, fuh de coldest,
daz pack juice, in de ice box,
with a bess pie, dat right up,
and ah park up dey no parking notice,
men tie up like Martin Joseph,
money in dey hand and dey keep on spending,
and my own safe and me eh lending,
and is pack juice, to wash it down,
and now it cool, so dey rushing now


With a cheese pie and a pack juice I have five dollars to spare,
let me think,
should I buy another cheese pie or maybe something bigger to drink?
Caribbean Cool or Minute Maid?
Forget dat yes gimme a next cheese pie,
Hmmm now ah under pressure, I didn't know dat man cheese pie so dry,
because I ask de pieman how the cheese is and he say it good,
so ah took ah bite and watch him and say if dat good I misunderstood,
the pieman pie so hard just get a cork ball and we could play some cricket,
want an official game? buy six more put dem in de ground we have two wickets,
that pieman wicked I gone yes, I going down by South Quay,
done which part de cheese pie not so hard and plus it cheesy,
so ah reach down and ah say lemme get one nah boss he tell me seven dollars,
ah thought ah saw ah sign,
so ah look up in the sky to see if it was changing colours,
the same time ah look up, ah see the moon and say "Houston, one to go",
the pieman still ha belly to ask if ah still want one so ah tell him no,
ah feel ah could go back and eat some dry dry and get cranky,
or better yet forget that nonsense pull de hook dey Wanke


Sunday, April 1, 2012

New Track

Download the track here: New Track

Sunday, October 9, 2011

New Video - "Climb"

Watch/Comment/Share and oh yeah...DOWNLOAD KEEP IT TRINI Face out.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Keep It Trini

Hey folks, it's been a while. Since the last time I've released two free mixtapes that you've may not haven't heard yet and some videos you probably haven't yet watched. As a result let me get you up to speed. And remember, KEEP IT TRINI3 IS GOING TO BE RELEASED CHRISTMAS DAY ONLINE FOR FREE!!!! Yeah. Face out.