Thursday, March 11, 2010

Top 5 Trini Facebook Rap Videos 03/04/2010 - 03/11/2010)

I just want to remind people to put their videos up on the wall of my facebook group Underground Trini Artiste if they really want me to find them. Yes I try and keep track of what's going on but it's easy for me to miss since I usually toggle between doing this and the life I have independent to blogging.

This week we have a tie and on these charts when a tie occurs, preference is given to the newcomer in an effort to keep the charts as fresh as possible. So this week KG is down to second with Mista Ren getting the chance to "Say Something" at the top. Face out.

1)Mista Ren - Say something (27 likes)

2)I Wanna Rock- KG (27 likes)

3) I Wanna Rock (Official South Trini Remix) (20 likes)

4) Judah Maccabee & Nemesis Enforcer - Wha Yuh Go Do (12 likes)

5) O LETS TRAP IT - Joshua Dboy Derby (9 likes)

Additionally, check out this video by my man Synister that got overlooked by me: Synister - "Venting". I won't be doing this ever again for anybody but as the weekly charts is still young is no scn. Face out.

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