Thursday, March 4, 2010

Top 5 Trini Facebook Rap Videos (02/24/2010 - 03/03/2010)

Hey folks, waz de scn. This week been stressful for me but I still pushed to get these charts out and bout because I know at least a few people find them important. Right now it seems like KG running things as he tops it easily for yet another week with another of his freeverses. If you find that you should be here and you aren't, try and put you vids in the group Underground Trini Artiste so I can easily find them. Face out.

1)KG - "Say What's Real freeverse (37 likes)

2) Regazzi Gates - "Show Off" (25 likes)

3) Big Lexx - "Blood In My Eyes" (18 likes)

4) MAVIOSO feat KAY SAY - "Shawdy Don't Believe" (17 likes)

5)Firestar & Lil Bling - "Turned Up" (8 likes)

So that's the trini rap video chart for this week, scene. Check out my song "Stress" off the album "Hitchhiker's Guide to Uwi" below, video shooting Saturday.

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