Sunday, February 24, 2008

Real Talk: Trinidad DVD magazine

Yo folks,
Not too long since my last post but daz no scene. I didn't do much either. I was in Highway Studios, yuh know, de place where dey sell strictly local music (Big up to Chromatics ...we will be reviewing his album "Against the grain" soon) looking to pick up some albums from some Underground artistes and breeze out a little bit. I ended up copping the self-titled new album from Word Sound and Power and luckily for me, the second installment of the local dvd magazine Real Talk was available sitting right there on the counter winking at me. Pressure!

Now for those who aren't familiar, Real Talk is a local dvd magazine series in which local artistes are given a platform to speak out their 'real' views about the industry and other things to uniformly hilarious results. In part 1, you had KMC with a belly-busting rant about the industry, Ace from 3 Suns giving his 2 cents on why radio and de industry is mess, Khari Kill on some other issues plus more. However,in part two, things get real 'out ah body'. The highlight of this edition was a passionate rant from KMC focused against our very own local Bill Gates, Tony Chow Lin On aka Chinese Laundry aka the gatekeeper of Trinidad popular music. Hoss, trust me, yuh go real laugh. I honestly thought that KMC was quite heated in part one but he gets in quite a few body shots on Tony in this one. De only thing I laughed harder at was Prophet Benjamin explaining his controversial "Stop Jocking" song. The entertaining part was that even when Prophet got heavy in his bobo shanti jargon that wicked wit still shone through and the classic line was when poor Benjee expressed amazement at some incident in school where dey was teaching the 'benefits' of masturbation. Doh worry Benjee, I feel yuh there son. All I can say now is, when de hell is part three coming out? And dat folks, is real talk.


boss said...

How can people get the dvd(s)?

(Nurse) Karen said...

Echoing the last comment. If you can refer me to who puts them out, that would be great.

Underground Trini Artiste said...

Check out highway records in Curepe junction close to the Chaguanas taxi stand.

Kemmz said...

Dis is my fist time on dis site...and happend to be here after I saw dat interview with Jah Bami(Biggup hoss, yuh real!) did in Pt.2 Anyway ah think K.M.C needs to simmer down and stop running his mout bout Laundry, cause laundry is only interested in what de ppl is requesting, doh gemmeh wrong though, K.M.C has some good music though, but at de end a de day, Ah big tune will always be ah big tune, and nobody could ever fightdown talent. Good talented artiste would always surface, so some honest advice to my brother K.M.C just forget about how much people like yuh and who doh like yuh and wh fighting yuh down, and how much artiste yuh work with and comparing yuhself to other artiste and just lock up in a studio or yuh bedroom or wherever is best for yuh to create timeless music and just focus on dat and nothing else, cuz when yuh fuss about how much fight down yuh getting, the industry and those same pll would use dat against yuh and paint a negative image of yuhself which could be career defing, so just focus on de artform of well orchastrated music, forget bout road march and all dat and remain true to de music, and yuh wiould see de genius in yuhself and others would recognise it also and soon enough yuh just might be able to launch yuh own RADIO STATION and trust meh yuh go sell off!!! 1 more thing, look closely at any legendary artiste in any musical catergory and peep de similaraties, it all boils down to insipation and passion for the craft eg. Bob Marley,Tupac,Elvis,Bon Jovi,James Brom, Michael Jackson,Jay-Z, and so on and so yuh see it! MUSICAL PASSION AND INSPIRATION. Know de game to rule de game. Good luck in yuh future indevours borther. Hope yuh read dis post. BLESS!!!