Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Underground Trini Artiste reviews (disclaimer)

Yeah folks,
Is me again. As I promised earlier I'm going to review the underground-released album by Chromatics titled "Against the grain" but before I get into all dat I'm going to release a little disclaimer cause I done know how sensitive and touchy artistes can be with their sh*t (me included).


  • Any review that I do on this blog is a matter a personal and pseudo-professional opinion. I'm underground and not part of the industry so I don't have any qualifications for doing this. I just know what good music sounds like.

  • I'm going to be explicitly getting permission from artistes before I review their sh*t. The reason for this is that I don't want to have to bite my tongue when I'm reviewing because I'm going to give my honest opinion. If you doh want that then doh let me review your sh*t.

  • Quality speaks for itself but again my reviews are just my personal opinion. If I say that your stuff needs work that doesn't mean that it does but it means that there is a high probability that it does. What you should do is get mad and work even harder (don't complain to me). That's what I do when people criticize me work anyway.

  • I'm doing this to help underground artistes like myself so I'm going to be very objective and try to give constructive criticism. Being human I may fall short but my purpose is to bring some structure to underground releases and give the public a beacon to good releases and a filter away from sloppy ones.

With all that said, look foward to "Against the grain review". In a timing...peace.

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