Friday, May 21, 2010

Top 5 Trini Facebook Rap Videos (05/04/2010 - 05/20/2010)

Yo peeps, the charts were done for the last two weeks this time so check it out. Roxii takes it easily. On another note, charts will be wrapped up soon as they were more of an experiment coming out of my post Facebook is the new radio and I'm going to end it with a report that will shed some light on many things. Face out.

1) Roxii - 'Up To You' (159 likes)

2) Greene Ft. God Child, Flipo & Tim Starr_ Revelation (Watch Now!!) (109 likes)

3) Micwise - Johnny, Vodka, Henny (31 likes)

4) St. Ans - Kill dat noise!!! (26 likes)

5) Alot To Say_Mixtape Joint by Strat Carter (25 likes)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Voting Songs

Voting songs real different. They can quite aptly be defined as art for the purpose of business or, as I scratch my beard, a very non-hypocritical form of such that reduces art to it's base form; just another service in exchange for money.

Voting songs exist for the promotion or demotion of a particular party regardless of the political convictions of the creator and around election time so, are usually done for profit. It's a divorce of artistic expression made easier when coupled with several scores of blue notes. Personally I'm not sure I'd partake (guess it depends on the amount) but that's a whole post by itself. The question is, do they influence your vote?

Some of these songs can really stick in your head though. I've found myself humming Terri Lyons' "We Voting PNM" after a serious bun down of the Prime Minister and his misdeeds. Trust me, it doesn't make a good closing statement. De Fosto's anti-PNM offering "Ah Cyar Vote Fuh Dat" is a more lyrical offering but is similarly sweet and builds up nicely into the chorus that evokes the title, which in itself is a nice catch phrase. "Ah Cyah Vote Fuh Dat"...probably not.

And apparently is not me alone who getting catch. I hearing nuff people singing those songs dese days, even the apolitical ones who does bun down the voting process when is really laziness or lack of an ID card It's the one part of the process they can stomach I guess.

I guess that's the thing about music in general. People listen melody first and lyrics after enabling political messages to get in your cranium subliminally. And the results can be impressive. You bring Beenie Man down and then you beat the COP back into third.

Saying that the songs are catchy is one thing, but saying that they influence your red finger decisions are another. What about you? Do they you influence your vote? Check out two of the more prominent voting songs below and let me know in the comments. Face out.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Top 5 Trini Facebook Rap Videos (04/29/2010 - 05/04/2010)

Some of you all prob thought the charts wasn't coming this week eh? Lol, nah, I too stubborn for that. This facebook rap video chart that honours the most popular trini rap videos in a week is partially a social experiment that has an expiry date but definitely cannot be adjourned before its time. So till then enjoy, or hate, whichever you prefer...

I also have some new songs off the album posted up below so you can take a listen. Shameless plug you say? Of course, it's my blog so I make and break the rules. Live life and look out for the next SHINE in Equinox bar UWI. Till then... Face out.

1) Judah Maccabee - Earth Angels ft Lydell Aaron (38 likes)

2) Beamer, Benz or Bentley Refix [Snippet] [HQ]
by Yung Rudd (12 likes)

3) I Eh Feelin' Dat by Dave Dodgers (11 likes)

4) St. Ans - Love and Appreciate (10 likes)

5) Throw It In The Back [HQ]
by Wreckless Boyz (5 likes)

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Sunday, May 2, 2010

TIM STARR - Dave Miller Project

Tim Starr is one of the founding members of Spotrushaz. Most of you all would know this pioneering hip hop group Spotrushaz but if not then I yell shame on you and advise you to fire up google and do some research. Okay, I'll spare you, you can get in here but you get my point. There have been a few changes in the lineup of the group as it now comprises of Meet Sauce, XO, BDangerous and Tim Starr but dey still pumping and apparently they are also going Wu Tang style and all releasing solo projects as well (check BDangerous here. And Tim Starr is the next release out.

His upcoming album is called the "Dave Miller Project" and from what I have heard at his show in Ibiza a few weeks ago called "The Prelude", it features an eclectic mix of RnB, hip hop, dancehall and soca anchored by the witty, staccato flow of Tim Starr. It has a lot of guests and from my count I have H2O Flo, Fridge from H2O Flo, Meet Sauce, XO, Make It Hapn, Roxii, Fireball and a few others. From what I heard at the show it should be both an interesting and polished project so look out for that as I will.

What I like most about what Tim Starr is doing though is his use of video blogging as a medium for getting information out to his fans. He teased people by gradually revealing the guests for "The Prelude" and currently is revealing performances from the show and other updates via several video installments on Facebook. So don't sleep people, Tim Starr is coming out in a big way 2010 with the "Dave Miller Project" on the horizon and plenty video content which you can take in here.

Oh yeah, you can check out the newly released video for his single "Trinidad Is Dying" below. Face out.