Friday, April 30, 2010

Top 5 Trini Facebook Rap Videos (04/22/2010 - 04/29/2010)

Last week I didn't get enough vids to make get a top five for the charts so I decided to skip the post and watch anime on my computer instead. No such luck this week though :p. Big up the M.A.D. crew for running things this week. Face out.


2) St. Ans - Chupid, Dumb or Silly (15 likes)

3) Legendary Skills - Back To It (Guru Tribute) (11 likes)

4) Kill Anudda Wack EmCee - Bongah Chops (6 likes)

5) NO CORDS!!!....{PV BAGGI RIMA Freestyle} - Neszy (3 likes)

I also have some new tracks up on my Reverbnation profile that you can take in below. Enjoy.

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Monday, April 26, 2010


This Wednesday from 8pm-10pm the underground music scene is going to get a jolt of energy. Inside Equinox bar located on the uwi campus (right next to the Rituals close to KFC) some big artistes are going to be doing their thing alongside anyone with enough confidence to step up to the open mic. Yes you heard correct, the format of the show is one where the mic will be left open from 8pm to 9pm so anyone can come in between that time and rip the place in two. During the open mic session the limit will be two songs in order to accommodate as much artistes as possible but other than that, the stage is yours.

The door price is only $10TT so you should have enough money to patronize the well-stocked bar and purchase cds from artistes on the night.

After the open mic session wraps up, the carded artistes are going to be doing there thing @ ten minutes a piece so trust me, it's going to be something to look for. So without further ado, meet the cast.


John John is an extremely talented soulful RnB singer who you might have caught on Synergy tearing up the place or singing the hook in Chromatics' "Cold Blooded" video (check it out below) He may be on earlier than expected but is always on point.


Gary Acosta is a local poet who has been illuminating open mic stages across Trinidad for some time now with his deep messages, intricate rhyme schemes and passionate delivery. He has an event called " Uncut, Unplugged and Untitled " coming out later this year and should have something good cooked up for Wednesday.


Cloud 9 is a local hip hop group comprising of J-Smoke and Quake that combine a winning chemistry, good flows, tight hooks and good delivery to result in one of the best hip hop groups in Trinidad and Tobago. They already have a mixtape out called "Two Monitors and a Keyboard" and another one on the way soon.


Frost Blaze is one of the most powerful and controversial artistes in hip hop who is quick to always say what most think but are afraid to express. He has an album coming out this year as well so be sure to check that out.


Make It Hapn is probably the most respected and revered mc in local trini hip hop currently. His album "Ghetto Child" has been widely acclaimed as a classic on the underground scene containing vivid storytelling and imagery about the issues facing a lot of youth in Trinidad today.


Well it's me so what can I say. Just know that I'll be bringing my A++ game and doing songs from my mixtape "Recession Music" as well as my current album "Hitchhiker's Guide to uwi" which will be available and on sale for $20TT. Face out.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

OUTLISH: Online Magazine

I don't know if you have checked yet but Outlish magazine is a great idea in online magazine form recently released that wins in both concept and execution. If you've been on facebook at least daily, like me, you would have seen the page or at least the status updates letting people know what they are about plus links containing interesting anecdotes and news tidbits.

Either way, doh stick now. Outlish magazine is now officially launched and the site not only has a good clean look, but is well organized as well. Once you get in on the site you can vibez your favourite category of articles and check out what dey saying. The articles cover a wide range of interests too so more than likely there will be at least on thing that interests you no matter how weird you may be. Also, you can give feedback on the page one time so if you really feeling or don't like an article, or have something to add, you can let it out there one time.

In a timing I'm supposed to contribute one or two articles to the online magazine so you can look out for dat too cause you know when them ting drop I coming hard. And if yuh feel ah bigging up Outlish just because I'm going to play some role in it then check fuh yuhself and make your own opinion nuh: Face out.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Top 5 Trini Facebook Rap Videos (04/08/2010 - 04/15/2010)

I only have one thing to say people, it's all about "Shine" on Wednesday 28th April 2010 in Equinox bar uwi next to de Rituals so come out. Make It Hapn go be there, me, Cloud 9 , Gary Acosta, Frost Blaze, John John and even you if you ha to balls to step up during the open mic set. Is only $10TT as we just covering costs so come out and support. Check out the event here.

Other than that, big up to Chromatics with de bess video and congratulations to him and John for topping the charts this week. Keep pushing fellas...and ladies, I gone. Face out.


2) Maybach Music Freeverse- KG (25 likes)

3) Get Away by Starr Boxill (15 likes)

4) St. Ans - Yuh gyal (12 likes)

5) Best I Ever Heard off Fu*k Santa Claus the Mixtape by Ill Payne (6 likes)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Before I say anything I want you to take in the video below. It's pretty explicit so if you're faint of heart you can skip but otherwise listen it.

Yeah. In a nutshell that video pretty much sums up my political opinions right now. I don't club but I'm more interested in a zen party than a political party right now. And if politicians need to get corn in dey so and so to behave properly then I doh mind reaping a whole field. Ah mean, look at de mess we enduring. Rising crime, multi-million dollar projects with money getting lost like cellphone signal down south, high food prices (forgotten now of course), Calder Hard absconding, the mysterious building of a church using state funds and most importantly, the continuous rising price of alcohol which means you have to endure all this foolishness on a sober head. Wayy, things cyah get any worse.

I doh think they have any chain up in de world dat could get me to vote for any particular party though I am probably going to vote...this time. My methodology is simple, vote against Patrick. I know the others is probably mess too but is slightly different mess. Plus voting out an errant government in my mind sends a signal that you are not just bending over taking corn. And I prefer to be the one giving corn than taking corn so as Frost Blaze say, the government going to have to take corn for this one and we not talking bout de one from de tin. This one eh going to be sweet. Big up Frost, Face out.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Top 5 Trini Facebook Rap Videos (04/01/2010 - 04/08/2010)

Yeah ppl waz de scn. First tings first, I just want to let ppl know that the best way to find yourself on the charts is to post a link to your video in my group Underground Trini Artiste on facebook. If you stick, well your video might be overlooked because I'm only human and honestly I try to spend like ten minutes on this entire post.
For those who may be new, the rules are as follows:
a) Videos are judged based on who gets the most 'likes'. Tie-breakers are solved by number of comments and then in preference of the newer person and then in alphabetical order of the artiste's name.
b) A video is only eligible if it was released anywhere between the dates given. I run the charts from Thursday to Thursday and the dates are in the heading of every post. I will (try to) start including the date each video was posted to help ppl read as well.

If you have any queries please speak to me. Facebook chat or a post on one of my walls is fine. And don't be so serious. Facebook is de new radio but we don't want to be like radio. Now on to the charts.

1) Code Fire: The Warning - Firestar (24 likes)

2) Trini Seen by St Ans (13 likes)

3) Universal Mind Control II by Cloud 9 (11 likes)

4) Letz make it happen/Greedy by Klergy (9 likes)

5) We On by Anton Quake Dmic Mark (6 likes)

Also peeps, look out for "Stress" on synergy soon (hopefully). If you haven't seen it check below along with some of my earlier videos:

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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Top 5 Trini Facebook Rap Videos (03/25/2010 - 04/01/2010)

Aye folks, whaddup. Got water? No. Well I got today so sucks to be you. This week we have a different KG topping the charts with a diss track against the one Ill Payne in response to a diss track that was dropped about a week ago. Good stuff. Once it stays on wax and stays entertaining then I ha no problems. Other than that, yuh boy finally make it on de charts with "stress" so daz de scene right there. Till later. Face out.

1) diss to that pussy ill payne by Kg Greaves (47 likes)

2) You in Love with a Stripper (KG diss) by Ill Payne(28 likes)

3) Stress by Da Face (26 likes)

4) Caribbean Rap History by Klergy (8 likes)

5) Just Begun by St Ans (5 likes)