Saturday, June 5, 2010

My Thoughts on Drake's "Thank Me Later"

I doh normally do this kinda thing but I actually had some opinions on Drizzy's new cd. If you don't know, this highly anticipated release which follows on the heels of his universally rated and celebrated mixtape "So Far Gone" was leaked this week and I got a chance to listen it. My general consensus on it? I like it. It took a few listens after the initial disappointment of it not being the classic that the fans would have wanted or the haters would have feared but nonetheless, overall I'm feeling it.

NOTE: If you're planning to buy it and don't want any details until the disc is officially released, then proceed no further because I'm dealing this one on a track by track basis. (Deep breath) So here goes...

1) Fireworks ft Alicia Keys - This is an okay opener. I like the beat but Drake's using the same flow from countless other songs where every eight or so bars he pauses and adlibs "yeah" or "damn". Alicia's singing is okay. (6/10)

2) Karaoke - Most other blogs I've read rate this as the worst song on the album. I'm feeling it though. The harmonies on this one real rough and fits the 808 and heartbreaks type beat. (8.5/10)

3) The Resistance - Same Drake flow but the lyrics on this one hit hard - "The game needed life/ I put my heart in it, I blew myself up, I'm on some martyr sh*t/ carried the weight for my city like a cargo ship". The hook knocks too. Only nitpick is the emo-type introspection is getting a little bit old. Just a little bit. (8/10)

4) Over - My thoughts on this one haven't change since I first heard it. It features one of the best hooks in recent memory but the verses are so-so. It sounds better here though, as it ups the pace on the cd. (7.5/10)

5) Show Me A Good Time - This one is definitely a banger. Drake switches up his flow to a quicker pace on this one and Kanye West blesses him with one of the better beats on the album. Sounds like a single. (9/10)

6) Up All Night feat Nicki Minaj - Another big tune. The beat goes hard and Drake goes in. Nicki does well here too with one of the wittiest set ah lines on the entire disc: "I'm a bad bitch, I ain't never been a mixed breed/ On a diet but I'm doing donuts in the six speed". Wayyy, Nicki daz you? Plus she claims she made a million on a mixtape. Hmmm... (9/10)

7) Fancy feat Swizz Beatz and TI - I really wish I was a fly on the wall of the studio to find out how Swizz Beatz convinces rappers to put him on hooks to their songs. The beat sounds like some Just Blaze ish but Swizz spoils the song by delivering the most annoying chorus in recent memory. It's a shame though because TI kills on it. I like everything but Swizz on this and because of the chorus I routinely skip. (6/10)

8) Shut It Down feat The Dream - This song is a whopping 6:59 minutes long but unfortunately contains only 5 minutes of a good song. It's smooth as butter though and I tend to listen it for a while then skip. If you like your melodies and harmonies then you'll like this one. The producer of this one "Omen" is the same dude who produced Lil Wayne's "I'm Single" which makes sense.(7.5/10)

9) Unforgettable feat Young Jeezy - This is one of my favourite tracks on the album. Drake is on his "So Far Gone" type lyrics here equating the pursuit of success and love - "and all the girls that played me eat your mother******* heart out" while Jeezy comes with, as he puts it, (and I agree) one of his realest flows ever. The beat which samples Aaliyah goes hard too. (9/10)

10) Light Up feat JayZ - This is the first song that piqued my interest in this album. The beat real rough and Drake's chorus sounds haunting over it, almost convincing you that success can be the worst thing that can happen to you...sure. Some have said that Jayz came soft here but I don't agree. I especially like the part where he talks over the beat during the first chorus telling somebody (Guru?) to turn it up or turn it down or whatever like he used to and then goes in. Delivery wise Hov kills and it's always interesting to guess who he's sending subliminals for. So far by my count he put something for Damon Dash: "And to these niggas I'm like Windows 7, You let them tell it they swear they invented you..." and another possible jab at bloggers saying he got killed by Kanye on "Run This Town": "I don't too much blogging, I just run the town I don't do too much jogging". A little Beans jab is there too: "ah once was, cool as the funds was". Good stuff. (9/10)

11) Miss Me - This is the happiest song on the album. Drake talks about he wishes he could marry Nicki Minaj which is funny as hell to me. Glad to hear Wayne on a track too who brings his normal weird funny punchlines. (8/10)

12) Cece's Interlude - This interlude or whatever it is totally throws off the album for me. I'm not sure what he was trying to do but this just slows down and kills the mood for no good reason. (4/10)

13) Find Your Love - I liked this song when it was released as a single but it just sounds out a place here thanks to the preceding interlude. The hook still works though. (7/10).

14) Thank Me Now - This one is kinda a mixed bag. I hated it at first but now I will have to say I like it. Lyrics are typical Drake stuff but there are some nice punchlines in there. One thing's for sure, it doesn't really work as an album closer and the cd still comes to an abrupt end. (7.5/10)

So that's my opinion on it there. Let me hear yours. Face out.

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Citagrand said...

Ok That Nikki Line is neither clever or make sense (well to me) ok i am really a young money hater not cause they aint ok they good i just heard better but my years of listening rap is a bit extensive so i hate that marketing and promo dictates now what hot and whats not

Underground Trini Artiste said...

Ah boy John yuh being kinda rough there. It is at least clever, maybe not the cleverest line ever, but it does make sense. She is making a clever pun between 'donuts' that you would diet from and 'donuts' that you make in a car driving. That's why she says "On a diet but I'm doing donuts in the six speed". You have to admit that it's at least clever. My listening is also extensive but I can give Jackie her jacket when it's deserved.

Anonymous said...