Friday, December 25, 2009

Top Ten Five Rap Albums of 2009

Merry Christmas people. In case you don't know, this is almost my 100th post on Underground Trini Artiste so thank God for things going so long. As you'd probably know, I was busy for most of this year working on my album Hitchhiker's Guide to Uwi so things have severely slowed down on this side but no worry, we still here and we're going to be pushing throughout next year. And Raining Shots video is out but trust me, there are many more to come. Look out for the video for "Stress" scheduled to drop Ash Wednesday.

Now I've listened to a lot of rap this year and it hasn't been the best of years. I know you cynical guys going to be like how hip hop dead and how dey spoiling de music years now and oh blame it on [insert currently most popular rapper here] but dats not the reason I don't rate this year though. For me the big anticipated albums largely disappointed, so much so that there are two mixtapes on my list of top albums. One of the traits of many good blogs is controversy and I willingly intend to cause it here by saying that this IS the definitive list of top 5 rap albums, I not disclaiming with no "this is my opinion" ish. If you disagree then yuh free to comment and explain yuhself but unless I didn't get a chance to listen something, this is DE LIST homie lol. So in no particular order...


It's a known fact that most sequels suck, especially when they come out over a decade after the original. Not this one though. Far from actually. Featuring a host of old school-sounding, mystical sampling, boom bap beats with mainly Wu-tang alumni tearing them to shreds, this album sounds like a throw-back but in the best way possible. As a matter of fact, this album actually continues the storyline of the first so you can actually listen from the first one straight into this one. How bad is dat?


Yeah yeah, so ah know there is going to be Wayne hate and I admit Weezy has been releasing auto-tune flavoured mess for de longest while but de boy come good here. Some of the most clever, creative and laugh out loud hilarious punchlines for the year all live on this tape and I suggest any of you haters to google the tape and listen first before hating. No ceilings!


Yeah ah know, another mixtape? But yuh cyah be so. This year wasn't the best one for rap releases and oh gosh, is Lupe. The highlight is when mih boy spazzes over Lil Wayne's "Fireman" and does to him what he usually does to other rappers. Classic.


Normally you won't expect one of the best rap albums of the year to come from a guy who had the lamest verse in the BET Cypher in which there was stiff competition for lameness. However, I must admit the man was killing on the mixtapes a while now and his album is pretty dope. It's definitely different but the punchlines are there, the music is there and the features are almost all on point. Don't sleep on this.


Now I'll start by saying that this album in my opinion was a big disappointment. Based on the individual work of the four members of this group and the tracks that they released prior to the album dropping, this album should have been at least twice as hard as it was. Nevertheless, the album is still hard and although the concepts and beats weren't what they should have been, the sheer lyrical and mcing skill of these four pull the album through.

And that's it folks. Let me hear what allyuh think. Till next time, Face out!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Recession Music: Number one on Trinidad Tunes

Well Recession Music has been out free on the Internet a while now as a thank you note to all the people who supported the project and enabled me to not only make back my costs but profit as well but more recently, I put it up on Trinidad Tunes. It came out on Trinidad Tunes a little more than a month ago and has since become the number one downloaded album there for the past two weeks with the song "Girls Like Radio" claiming the top downloaded song spot this week so I thank God for that.

With that known and yuh boy dominating Trinidad tunes and all, I want to invite all of you still reluctant folks to vibez the album as it's currently FREE leaving you with no excuse. You can preview the tracks below and download the entire mixtape here. Yeah take it in and you can let me know what you think too.

Also, the video for Raining Shots off my official album "Hitchhiker's Guide To Uwi" (buy it here) is out so you can view that below as well. Face out.

Music Player web

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Raining Shots official video

De video out people. Vibez it and let me know what you think. Look out for the video for "Stress" next with a bigger budget. Till then folks, stay good...Face out!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I endorse this tune: In Front ah meh

This is de baddest soca song I hear for this year so far. Big up Umi Marcano.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Da Face - Weekly Status Update

Hey folks, I haven't been too up-to-date with my Underground Trini Artiste posts due to two main factors; album promotions and pure trini laziness. And to that I say no more. On the road to the new year and beyond, expect to receive weekly updates about Da Face along with other underground artistes that I link up with. I'm also going to start a video blog so you won't only be reading Da Face but seeing Da Face as well. Trust me it's going to be fun.

In line with that, I have a few upcoming things to highlight. First off, the video for the track "Raining Shots" featuring Make it Hapn is done and should be out before Christmas. This track has been out and about for months now but if you haven't heard it you can vibez it on my facebook fan page...and join one time too. The video was directed by my sister Paula Hamilton with the camera work handled by Justin Mayers and everything came out top-notch, especially for the limited resources we worked with. I also want to big up everyone who came out for the shoot, it was an $85 in doubles well spent.

Also, I just came off some good performances on Synergy, D'Rapture the concert and On Top Fridays in Kavemar and will be continuing that trend. You can see me this Wednesday in Amore cafe in Port of Spain promoting my blazing hot material from the album Hitchhiker's Guide to Uwi so make sure and come through and check it out. I will have copies of Hitchhiker's Guide to Uwi on me as always for the price of $20TT so anywhere you see me doh fraid to check me for one. To get a little taste of what I will be coming with, check my last performance in "One Mic" below. Face out.