Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Underground Trini Freestyles (Bonez)

Yes folks, this is yet another edition of the Underground Trini Freestyles. This week we have Bonez who is only 17 years old but displays an uncanny gift for putting words together on the spot. You can also check him out on myspace or on trini once you like what you see (and I know you will). And oh yeah...I must big up Ren. I does be rocking dem Next-to-blow polos all over de place having people asking all kinda questions. When de website coming out blood? Anyways... till next time. Face out.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Freestyle Fellowship

Normally, when you hear the word "fellowship" your mind may probably drift to Lord of the Rings (well maybe if you're a nerd like me). However, when you put the word "freestyle" in front of it you get something totally different. You get the feeling that the term is representative of something much more than the name of a Facebook group. You get the sense that it is a union amongst members who have maximum respect for the freestyle/improv artform and battle each other frequently to hone their skills. And if you get that sense then guess what hoss... you're right.

Introductory build-up aside, the Freestyle Fellowship is basically a Facebook group where people are free to post poetic/rap pieces on the 'wall' or battle people using written verses. The highlight of the group however, is the battling where 'whole-day' battles even during working hours between two working competitors is not a strange occurrence. Winning decisions for these battles are kinda informal and based on an honor system whereby either the competitor admits that they lost and/or spectating readers post their opinion.

Actually the winning decision is usually much simpler than I stated. Trakslasha, famed member of the legendary Trinidadian rap group I.A.L.S. and creator of this Facebook group would normally step in to decide who wins and at which point they have won. Sometimes this may take about ten verses from either competitor but who's arguing right? My only problem with this lack of structure is that I'm usually very busy and if I'm battling someone I want to know things like what is the time limit in which to write the verses, how many bars each verse has to be and how many verses each person needs to produce before the winning decision is to be made but clearly that is just me. Most people are fine with this system so these days I doh really battle but I check out the group periodically to see the verses that people have posted or to check out any ongoing battles. But don't take my word just so, check it out yuhself. And if you want fame (or death) you can take on a man called Judah. Right now he is de champ pon de site.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Trini Videos on Youtube pt 7

It would look really bad if the day before Obama's inauguration I didn't give him a shout out so I'll hit him a "yeah yeah" and thank him for proving some of my fellow Trinidadian cynics wrong. Done know. I was supporting the fella ever since I realise Hillary was also an anomaly for the presidential vote (a female president have a few more years still). And oh yeah...check out the videos. Face out

Pro Records - I'm so fly

All the big Chutney stars - Jep Sting Naina

Maximum - The Hardest

Monday, January 12, 2009

Underground Trini Freestyles (Skeeto)

Yeah people. This is the beginning of that new interactive series of stuff that I've been telling you people about. I've never been a big fan or interviews per se because frankly, I like to see what an artiste really brings to the table in terms of skills and that's why I'm coming with a freestyle head.

And speaking of skills, in this first edition of Underground Trini Freestyles I've featured none other than Mr One Mic and part-time Soundstage host Kyle "Skeeto" Amos. If you don't know who I'm speaking about then sunlight is probably also new to you but don't beat up cause you can read about his mixtape "The Issues Live" here. Right about now, Skeeto is working on his album called "Mind Pimping" due sometime this year so make sure you cop it when it comes out. And look out for more in this series. Face out.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy New Year

So I spent the New Year's in Rio Claro this year. Shamefully, I had no clue which part or cardinal point on Trinidad Rio Claro existed before my experience but the place is a real cool scene - really nice and quiet. It reminds me of Palo Seco.

I also want to send condolences to the family of Jizelle Salandy. She was one of the biggest gems in the crown of Trinidad and Tobago and her passing is a severe loss to all of us. May she rest in peace.

This year, there is going to be a lot of exciting stuff for Underground Trini Artiste. I'm going to get more interactive this year and ah not saying nuttin yet but before the year's out you'll be calling me Mr. Youtube. More artistes are going to get featured and this blog will be the place where you discover diamonds in the rough that you never saw glisten. My stuff on Trinipulse is also getting bigger as well so don't forget to check up on it. Yeah people, it's going to be a good year so doh frighten...and stay tuned. Face out.