Sunday, December 7, 2008

Trini Videos on Youtube :The most influential ones ever

Aye folks, waz de scene. Somehow I managed to get my body ravaged by the flu last week Friday and I'm only now catching myself so I suggest to all to take those vitamins.
Anyway, since this will most likely be the last of the "Trini Videos on YouTube" for the year I've decided to cap it off by highlighting the most influential trini videos with some brief commentary next to it. These are the videos transcended sometimes low budgets and foreign bias to become darlings in the eyes of viewers and inspiration to countless 'me-toos' in years following. Enjoy.

Xtatic - Music Farm

Shows exactly what you can do with a low budget and plenty charisma. This is still my favourite video from Machel Montano.

Xtatic - Big Truck

The song by itself was revolutionary but the video was a cut above all other soca videos at the time. Too many good man wining on de fence, de big truck shutting down, Denise Belfon wining...wait Denise Belfon?

Underwater riddim - various artistes

This is not really a trini video as it only features one trini artiste but it has been imitated many times in Trinidad and regionally.

Reach - Rizon

Yeah I know, I'm calling this one a bit early but I think it will be imitated in years to come. This is probably at the top of E-zone's resume.

Voom voom - Ghetto flex

Back when the word 'ragga soca' was a commonly used term, this one of the first big hits in that genre and the production values of this video were amazing for its time.

Hard Wuk - Denise Belfon

Couldn't find the actual video but this broke ground as the raunchiest soca video ever. Probably tame by current standards.

Keep it pumping - Rikki Jai

The video came out in the 80s and featured rough looking animation. Apparently, that was all it needed.

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