Thursday, December 18, 2008

The official website for Trini hip hop

Yeah people, is Face here. After much hard work and tribulation I have just completed the sixth track of my upcoming album Hitchhiker's guide to uwi (applause). So that means I have three tracks more to go not including an intro and outro. That's good though; it also means I won't miss my deadline to finish recording by early March (if you want to hear some tracks you know where to go).

Safe. Did you know that sometimes you can find some useful sh*t just vibesing on facebook rather than the usual spam in your mail every two days? No? Well I came upon this site called TriniHipHop while liming in one of my favourite facebook groups called Freestyle Fellowship. Initially, I was skeptical about the site because I'm already on a few such sites and most aren't worth the effort but once I checked out the site my fears were put to rest. From an artiste's point of view, this site is exactly what is needed; it is easy to use, contains a wide array of useful options and is focused on the Trini which means you won't get lost in the shuffle like on myspace.

And if you aren't an artiste don't worry, you can still have a worthwhile time on this site. The site makes it easy to browse the content of other artistes so you can pass through and watch the videos and/or listen to the music offered by Trinidadian hip hop artistes. Setting up a profile took me like two minutes and in five more minutes I already linked to my youtube videos and uploaded one of my songs. I don't endorse much sites but trust me when I say that this one is worthwhile so make sure and check it out. Face out.

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