Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Outlish Post: How Trinidad got a summer

Yeah folks yuh know de ting. My second article on Outlish magazine titled "How Trinidad got a summer" (Read it here). Enjoy. Face out.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Uwi is a game video

This video has been out a while now on facebook and youtube but if for some reason you haven't caught it yet, tune in now and check it out. "Uwi is a game" is about people who are stuck in a university for years and just can't leave the lifestyle of girls, parties and liming behind and go into the real world. I tried something different with this video so I hope you enjoy it. Face out.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Frost Blaze - Live from the 868

"Live from the 868" is probably the baddest local album I've heard in years, no euphemism. In a year full of plenty good local releases, Frost Blaze's disc was the one that had me listening from the first track to the last track and then repeat...and then repeat again. If you don't know Frost Blaze he is a hard trini rapper or by his words - "a man not a manicou" and regularly "eats mcs like lappe and tatoo". When you listen to Frost Blaze you get it raw and trini to core no compromises.

And Frost Blaze keeps it raw right through. My favourite track "Welcome To Trinidad" features this introspective gem: "Until the babylon stop moving evil, till dem and mt hope stop killing ppl, easier for a politician to enter the kingdom through the eye of a needle than for I to go legal".

Other times as on "Hypnotize Me", he's running down a "Blanchisseuse Big Breed" which is a hilarious alliteration even before he notes that she's "thick like a sea moss with a linseed". On the other girl track "Move" featuring Bongah Chops and Chromatics, Chromatics steals the show talking bout a girl who has him "dribbling like Latapy" because of a bumper "you could use as ah arm rest". Nice.

Frost Blaze also produces every beat on the disc and his production fits his rap style to a tee; it's kinetic filled with plenty horns, congah drums that feel cluttered in a good way. Trust me people, for $40TT this is a bess deal. Get in Highway Records and cop this one time. You can check out more of Frost Blaze on his bandcamp page where you hear more tracks from the album. Face out.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New Free Mixtape from AceDot of SVTY: Partners In Crime

Hey folks, I want you all to check out this free mixtape from AceDot of SVTY. If you've been paying attention on facebook you would note that SVT has been making real noise on the book as of late and this one follows the trend.

Mih boy Ace blessed me with a spot on the tape so you can check me out there as well as features from St. Ans, Nem Red, Firestar, Sykaflo and many other hard local artistes. I've taken in the tape more than once already and trust me, it hard from start to finish. As a matter of fact, I find Ace shoulda had it on sale. Well, lucky for you it's free so don't stick and grab it here. Cool. Face out.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My first article for Outlish: The Art of Tiefin a Wine

Hey folks, do you remember when I told you about Outlish magazine before? Well I recently had my debut article published on the site so I encourage you to check it out. And after you do and you get a chance to browse all the other interesting articles there, I want you to subscribe so you can get articles from me and the other talented writers straight to your email weekly. Don't stick

Also, Recession Music 2 the sequel to my first mixtape will be out soon so stay tuned. Till then check out the article: The Art of Tiefin a Wine.